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Ways They Learn is a private consulting service based in New York City and serving the entire United States*. We are here to help anyone experiencing difficulty with schoolwork, learning, or mental functioning. Our goal is to make high-quality, research-proven methods accessible to all who need them. That's why our programs work from home, on your schedule, with flexible pricing options.


*Limited services are available in other areas



Chava Adams, M.S.Ed.


Chava Adams has been helping kids with learning difficulties for over a decade. She understands the frustration and challenges you experience when school doesn't come easily, and she is committed to helping you overcome them and achieve confidence and success. She specialized in Learning and Behavior Disorders at New York's Hunter College.

Ways They Learn

Struggles in school are only a sign that a person learns differently - there is nothing wrong with them, but the schools just haven't found the right way to reach them. Ways They Learn believes that learning is a treasure for all to enjoy, once you discover your unique path to get there. We use the top research in a number of related areas to help you find the path to your success.

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