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To help you achieve professional results at your own time and place, Ways They Learn may recommend one or more web-based programs. These have been carefully selected from the many available to provide the best benefits, value, and user experience. While these programs are available elsewhere, when you access these programs through Ways They Learn, you gain the additional advantage of expert personal monitoring and support - at no extra cost to you!* All of the programs we use are supported by scientific research and accepted by numerous professional standards.

Fast ForWord
by Scientific Learning Corp.

The Fast ForWord series is the leading software for developing language, literacy, and auditory processing skills. It has been shown to produce remarkable effects on reading, listening comprehension, memory, and attention. The program is highly personalized and is adapted frequently in response to your progress.


Fast ForWord might be for you if you have:

  • Dyslexia or difficulty reading

  • Underachievement in school

  • Auditory processing concerns

  • Language difficulties/delays

BrainWare Safari
by The BrainWare Company

Don't be fooled by the cute graphics and fun activities - BrainWare Safari is a real tool that builds over 40 distinct brain skills, giving you the tools and confidence you need to succeed. This award-winning program has been proven to improve and accelerate school performance.


BrainWare Safari is especially well suited for:

  • Executive functions

  • Attention problems

  • Learning disabilities

  • Challenging gifted children

  • Summer learning

  • Keeping your brain sharp as you age

The Listening Program
by Advanced Brain Technologies

Learning and brain performance are intricately connected with listening and sounds. The Listening Program combines the art of music with the science of the sound-brain connection to deliver an enjoyable and effective therapeutic experience.


The Listening Program is especially well suited for: 

  • Sensory sensitivities

  • Auditory processing or communication concerns

  • Focus

  • Emotional regulation

  • Learning to compensate for hearing loss

*Cost comparison is based on currently available pricing from other typical providers of the same programs, and does not represent any guarantee.

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